Beyond Technique Bjj Review

I had a great weekend here in Bangkok. Saturday was the first of the latest production of MMA in Bangkok, full metal Dojo. I am sure that we all a good time know today with its founder, John Nutt, that night was something to say. I can honestly say that I was here, to the hanging out with friends, dinner and fun today friends who fought fun, I argued. So, a summary of the poor would the fighters for Justice in writing. In General, I would say that the match up / were well done. Although a bit wrestler seemed the Green considered that most of us came to expect from a MMA fighter any Hunter booth at the game. Then there were some difficult parts and exciting insurance. It is nice to see, to take an event and a solid team, the mantle of professional MMA here in Thailand. It is not this time to photograph, but if you some pictures of fight at night tired would like to see discover the creative fight Paul Thompson. . Note for later, not annex a BJJ seminar following a night of MMA with the guys, lol. Despite my hangover, you lose the bracelet, Shane Kohei Suzuki not the summer seminar with Peter Schwarz. He is the Chief Instructor of BJJ-G and one of the most successful and busiest SEABJJ struggling competitors. I remember on the first day of the open tournaments in Thailand, we are produced to fight see Shane in purple belt. I had never seen before, but said that he should not lose his fights. It is therefore with great pleasure that I had to learn this past weekend. Some are proud of the fact that an old-school game and hesitated, in the most modern as Gusano detention or Berimbolo has shared techniques to overthrow, but the game, the Shane with us did a great job of merging the two, old and new. Work active things and maintained for the presentation confidence no position. The most important has given answers, if your opponent wants to just block. Save my data for beyond technique bjj review all those taken, to show their support. And the shame of all mean friends who speak, but it gives no reasons why it not your drink. Shane thanks! for those of you who do not know Peter Estate, first note that if the challenge games if not, update check. Here is one that I found on YouTube. . Check out this awesome new master - documentary on kickstarter. You can recognize a true Knight in one of the scenes. ------------------------------------ . In the last few decades kungfu went a step back for a new phenomenon of fighting, mixed martial arts or MMA. MMA is a stronger growth of the sport in the world and the new world for those who considered the greatest fighter on the planet. The encounter of these two martial arts styles in China explores new men. Proudly follow MMA fighter and Kung-Fu Master, new landscapes, feeding their families sailed seeking the Tao and the struggle for a nation. The movie also explains how the martial arts in China are a metaphor for China's rise on the world stage. Traditional culture, in this case, Kung Fu is diluted and transformed by commercial considerations and analysis of the forces of globalization, represented by General and MMA mix martial arts in the world. The film shows also how the confluence of modern and traditional martial arts in China already in the Chinese sports system affects, the opinion of coach their fees and force Ernst to reconsider sports associations, their laws and regulations. Beyond life not take the myths and legends of Kung-Fu on the screen as a martial-arts epic, how for decades the case was but the ring-by-side with MMA and pensions of former mountain, long circuit from bare knuckle. The global movement forcing traditional Chinese Kung Fu MMA in his true form, appearing without makeup helps in kungfu to adapt to a changing world. This process of introspection the already strong influence of wushu in modern MMA, infusion of the mixed-martial-arts movement with martial spirit is rooted in the tradition, a spirit that goes beyond the pure art and effectiveness in combat. . Also a movement on a crucial aspect of China's growth is the new masters: how they can help the most important cultural traditions of China into the modern world? Is giddy to modern China more than just good export markets and marketing the former Communist hermit? Is a question that seizes many Chinese today, and although the oration in China is dynamic, is much overlooked in favor of the new economic policy and (mostly negative). Martial arts are a forum for the discussion. The first time that Singapore; 4. to determine the first champion 4-man tournament. The weight classes are Moscow, Gallo, and light weight. Belt award effectively and good Championship to the winner. Did you know that Eddie Bravo will be Tiger Muay Thai to a seminar? If you don't, listen attentively and hurry up and book your flight to Phuket!, etc.